About Us:

We do not believe in competitors but in alliances. There’s no difference for us when serving all company sizes, from consulting a small drywall business to a big worldwide corporate. We will help you.

Our Team:

We are a group of highly skilled, talented professionals and leaders in the industry. Educated and endorsed with higher degrees by top-ranked universities and developed successful and sustainable projects worldwide.

Our driving force: is servant leadership principles; our core values are to serve and be transparent. Create long-lasting relations with our employees, clients, suppliers, and investors.

Gabriel Cajigas President
Gabriel Cajigas is a chartered professional engineer with 15+ years of experience with an extensive and outstanding curriculum, achievements, certifications, and recognitions in the construction field in the US and Mexico. He is currently Wolvestown LLC's President and an exceptional leader driven by his high-quality standards and values. You can find more information about his credentials and career experience on his LinkedIn.
Suzzet Rivera Chief Administrative Officer
Suzzet Rivera is a business administrator with 15 years of experience in the finance field. She is also a Bilingual Educator passionate about supporting kids' and educators' development. Both careers' experiences make the perfect match to lead all the administrative operations and personnel as our Chief Administrative Officer at Wolvestown.

Our Accreditations:

We are strongly committed to providing our clients with the utmost high-quality projects. This mindset can only be met if we are up to date with our accreditation programs. The Construction Career Collaborative (C3) Craft Training Endorsement Program provides recognition to world-class construction firms that have documented and implemented training programs that demonstrate corporate leadership commitment to the development of craft workers by implementing craft training programs tied to career paths.  Wolvestown is proudly recognized and certified by the Construction Career Collaborative.

We are here to serve you!

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